Why Include A Generator When Building Your New Home? Building a new home can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. There are many things to think about during home construction from design and layout to cabinets to where you want the laundry room located. You never want to regret a decision down the road, especially when you start with a clean slate.

When building a home, one thing you might not think about is back-up power. Why? Simply because you haven’t even lived in the home yet, so losing power doesn’t cross your mind. Instead, you may be dreaming about hosting the first Thanksgiving. No one knows when a storm might hit and leave them without electricity. It could be day one, week one, year one or worse- during the Thanksgiving gathering- where you’re left scrambling to get through a power outage.

Why Consider a Standby Generator during New Home Construction

Including a home standby generator when building a new home is a smart decision because:

  • It’s simpler to add it into a new home project than retrofitting a pre-existing home.
  • Installation costs are lower as the builder and electricians can plan for it.
  • The cost of the generator could be rolled into the new mortgage.
  • Costs of a power outage could get expensive.
  • You can take advantage of any incentives or discounts offered by the builder, standby generator manufacturer or even your insurance provider This step in building your dream home is very important.                   In doing so, we have given our customers peace of mind never to have to worry about the perils of power outages. So whether you decide to include a backup generator in your new home at this time or in the future,  YOUR GENERATOR CONNECTION will pre-wire your home for a backup generator as part of our standard building package. By doing this, installation of your new generator during construction or at a later time will be very simple saving you money.
  • With that being said, it is something you should consider. Especially because adding an automatic generator will cost you $5 – $10 a month on the average. Don’t sound too bad does it? So for the cost of lunch you could protect your home and family from potential problems due to power loss.
  • GENERAC offer’s different size generators for different needs.
  • You or your builder can contact us to take advantages of these great pricing specials. Call today!