Free 10 Year Warranty and One free Year Of Mobile Link Fleet. Offer extends from March 31, 2020 to (WAS April 30, 2020) Now July 31, 2020.

Purchase and have a fully automatic Generac generator system installed  from 10KW  – 22KW and receive a free parts and labor 10 year warranty. Also receive a free year of Mobile Link Fleet  monitoring.

Offer is good with in person or virtual quotations, we recommend you try the virtual quoted to ensure the safety of your family.

(Cannot be combined with any other offers unless authorized by management.)

New Customer Special

Air Cooled $99.00 First-Year Maintenance. With 2 Year agreement.

Includes complete system test, oil, and filter. The yearly agreement is $185.00. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Comparable Quote Discount

Have G1 install your generator at an unbeatable price!

Already get a quote from another company? HAVE US GIVE YOU A SECOND QUOTE AND we will give you a $100.00 discount off of that quote. (Must have comparable quote for us to see) Take advantage of Massive savings! Let us protect your power…

Good Neighbor Discount

Save money by grouping you and your neighbors!

Save $5.00 per year for every neighbor or close friend you add to your group, up to 4 friends or neighbors. You can lower your yearly service up to $20.00 per year.

When adding your friends or neighbors…

  • First, to receive a group discount you need to gather a list of your neighbors that want to be in this group.
  • Confirm all neighbors in this group are due for service and are agreeable to you scheduling.
  • Call us with a list of your group and we will schedule a day for service
  • Must be in your immediate area (within a mile of each other) and they will need to be serviced the same day
  • After hitting the max of four friends or neighbors to your group at a reduction of $20.00 per year, you can continue to add people to your group and everyone can share the savings, as long as they meet the distance criteria.