24-Hour Emergencies

Unlike some of our competitors, Generator One provides 24/7 emergency service to our customers when it’s needed most. Regardless of whether you’re a residential customer or a commercial or industrial client, we’re always here to help.

Whether you call at 4PM in the afternoon or 4AM in the morning, there will always be a Generator One representative available to answer your call.

We inventory tens of thousands of dollars in parts to rectify any issues that may arise in a timely manner. So, what are you waiting for? 24/7 Emergency Generator Service – 440-942-8449

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It’s not uncommon for a standby generator to have a lifespan that ranges from 500 to over 30,000 hours. If you think about it, backup generators are typically used as little as 30 hours each year (based on typical 12-15 minute cycles each week and assuming no outages during the year), but can be used over 100 hours per year depending on the number of outages.

Regardless, your standby generator should have a great lifespan that can last 20-30+ years! However, your generator is no different than the family car. It needs an annual inspection, regular oil changes (annually), battery replacement every 3-4 years, new air filter(s), etc.

Here at Generator One, we offer “peace of mind” by offering maintenance and preventative maintenance services and have competitive rates to ensure your backup generator stays well-maintained and “ready” when it’s needed most.
Call today! We have annual maintenance services starting at $165 per year. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Maintenance Service Agreements


As low as:

  • Includes oil and filter
  • Additional parts not listed incur an extra charge
  • 10% discount for parts if not under warranty
  • Emergency visit 24/7: $215.00
  • Covers 30 mins, then $45 / 30 mins after
  • Emergency charge if will be lower if currently under warranty
  • Additional visits: $125/visit/yr
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As low as:

  • Includes oil & filter, spark plugs, air filters & batteries as needed
  • Additional parts not listed incur an extra charge
  • 15% discount for parts if not under warranty
  • Emergency visit 24/7: $200.00
  • Covers 30 mins, then $45 / 30 mins after
  • Emergency charge if will be lower if currently under warranty
  • Additional visits: $125/visit/yr
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As low as:

  • Includes oil & filter, sparkplugs, air filters, batteries, or any parts needed to service unit
  • Emergency visit 24/7: $100.00
  • Covers 60 mins, then $45.00 / 30 mins after
  • Covered unit(s) subject to review at 1st service
  • Parts needed to get unit in operating condition will be charged at a 20% discount
  • No charge on parts after initial visit
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NOTE: Emergency call out only during power outage and generator or transfer switch is not operating


5,7,10 Year Extended Warranty from Generac Power Systems
Available on Generac®, Guardian®, and Centurion® brand products.
Air-cooled automatic standby 2010 models* and liquid-cooled models up to 150 kW.
Not available on CorePower, EcoGen, or internationally.

  • Free 5,7,10  year extended warranty with every new install (depending on current special).
  • New installation only.
  • Extended warranty must be purchased within 12 months of initial generator purchase. Proof of purchase date must be provided. Extended Warranty begins on date of generator purchase by consumer, not purchase date of Extended Warranty

COP – Customer, Outage, Protector

COP – exclusive only from Generator One, the area’s leading Premier Generac Dealer in NE Ohio. If you are away on vacation, hear that there is bad weather or power outages back home, and you are worried whether your generator is ready to run or is running, just call us, and we will go to your home or business and check on your generator for you at no charge (during normal business hours). If your natural gas was ever to be interrupted, we offer temporary propane backup at no additional cost (while supplies last).

We offer this program Free of Charge as long as you have a yearly maintenance contract with us. One less thing for you to worry about when you are away – so go ahead and relax, have fun, you deserve it.

Generator yearly maintenance checklist.

 Change engine oil
 Change engine oil filter
 Check valves (adjust if needed)
 Inspect air filter (replace if needed)
 Inspect spark plugs (replace if needed)
 Inspect fuel system
 Inspect exhaust system
 Inspect enclosure and insure all openings are unobstructed
 Check battery (terminations, connections and water level)
 Check all connections (electrical and mechanical)
 Check operation of battery charging equipment
 Simulate temporary loss of power from utility company and
observe proper operation (generator start, power transfer and
shutdown) we typically only do this on exterior transfer switches.
 Check generator voltage and Hz (adjust if needed)