Yes the lead times are extremely out there. The generator industry is in the middle of “The perfect storm”. Simultaneously we had five hurricane’s hit the coast, 140 mph winds in the midwest. Frigid temps in Texas. Covid going on and the “home office” being the new normal. Some folks just simply worried the apocalypse is looming.

Covid has also created stress on getting parts for generator builds. We do not have a single generator in the building that isn’t sold. Our upcoming shipments will be sold when they hit our dock here. We are not making excuses for Generac. All I can do is to be understanding. They are in a rough spot right now. They are feverishly producing generators around the clock.

This is going to be a tough time for those affected by this weather and events. We as dealers and retailers can only do the best we can with what we have to work with. We are visiting as many homeowners and business as we can, our sales team are very excited to come see you and design a generator system to protect your home and family.

Just beware unfortunately there are those out there that prey on customers promising to get your generator in fast, that just isn’t possible. Our lead times are what they are and are unavoidable. No one is getting generators faster than us. We look forward to meeting you, and we thank you for the opportunity to protect your power.


1-We Have the ability to give you a comprehensive quotation without entering your home during these critical times.

2-We can do this by video chat, utilizing Face-time, Skype and Zoom. We can meet with you electronically without any human contact to protect against transmitting anything unwanted.

3-We are able to give a solid quote with your help, along with a smart device in your hand moving about your home.

4-Ultimately we can without any delay get you the back up power you need without chancing harm to your family and ours.

We look forward to meeting you .

To Our Valued Customers,

Given the dynamic times in which we find ourselves, we felt it prudent to communicate our plans with you regarding your emergency back-up power system.  We take our responsibility as your partner in ensuring you have emergency backup power very seriously. As we all prepare for the impact of COVID-19, ensuring the health and safety of our employees and our customers and are thus implementing the following protocol:

  1. We strongly recommend that you continue all quotations ( Take advantage of our video conferencing ), installations and planned maintenance to maximize the reliability of your back-up power in these uncertain times.  Most of our services can be performed without any required human interaction, which is ideal for the current environment. Preferably, we will perform all customer contact via phone communication. If human interaction is required, we will practice those recommendations of health professionals.

  2. During the scheduling process, we will be extra diligent in ensuring we get specific instructions for our technicians on how to access equipment and verifying accurate contact information. We ask that you provide us with any details specific to your equipment that you might otherwise have communicated in person or onsite.  If any issue arises while onsite, we want to be sure we have the best contact information for the quickest possible resolution.

  3. Prior to arrival at your site, our technicians will call the responsible person to arrange access to the equipment and review any concerns. Again, our preference is that we will access and repair the equipment without direct customer contact.  If it is necessary to have customer contact, we will follow recommended distancing protocols. Prior to departing the site, our technician will again call the responsible person and verify the status of your backup power system and answer any questions you may have.

Most issues can be resolved with no direct customer contact.  Again, our goal is to work with you to ensure you have backup power in any emergency.  By taking the small steps listed above, we are confident we can ensure the reliability of your backup power system and protect the health of everyone involved.

If you have any scheduling conflicts or issues, please let us know. Thank you for your continued trust in us, and we look forward to getting through this together!

Sincerely Rusty Boyer (President)

Click to read or leave a review

Click to read or leave a review

Click to read or leave a review

Click to read or leave a review

Click to read or leave a review

Best hold on to these two installers. They did a great job! Very professional yet friendly! So happy to have this Generator and all the support that comes with it!

Johnny B /Generac Review

Our home was completely rebuilt in the mid-1990s from a house that had many foundational add-ons. The Generator One team sketched out a great solution to overcome some real problems. The installation was high-quality and first-rate, and very respectful of the gardens around our home. The installation team was great and very personable. I recommend the Generator One team very highly.

Craig B. / Google review

Phone Message:
Got a call this morning from Shari, she is a emergency call from this weekend.
She could not say enough about the excellent service she received.  This was for her business address and she went so far as to say that John may very well have saved her business. She WAS a customer of a competitor but has already scheduled for us to do a PM service.
Believe it or not, she said the answering service was fantastic as well..never heard that one.  And she owns an answering service.
Good Job John.
                                                                                                        Customer called after service

Our home was completely rebuilt in the mid-1990s from a house that had many foundational add-ons. The Generator One team sketched out a great solution to overcome some real problems. The installation was high-quality and first-rate, and very respectful of the gardens around our home. The installation team was great and very personable. I recommend the Generator One team very highly.

                                                                                                                              Craig / Mentor Google review

Our standby generator installation was a challenge. The crew from Generator One did a great job and I was very pleased. Thank you to Randy, Rusty and the rest of the team for great work, thanks.

Ted / Willoughby / Google review

I was very impressed with John’s knowledge and customer service. I would highly recommend John and Your Generator Connection to anyone looking for service or installation of a home generator.

Manolis Sarandou / Google review

Sales rep was not at all pushy when giving the initial quote, sales and installation people are very professional. Installation went well, they actually cleaned up after job was finished even placing the sod they had removed around the unit. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way it all was handled, when I pay for something I’m very fussy, it’s my money after all.

Donald / Columbia Station Oh, / Home Advisor


The Generator One team in Mentor, Ohio sent someone out right away to evaluate an older generator unit that had seen the end of its life, presented us with detailed options for major repairs or replacement with a new unit, and then installed the new unit in a matter of days based on our emergency situation. The office staff worked out the installation contract and logistics with us via email and phone. And the field technicians were knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. We were very appreciative of the service we received from Generator One.

Meliah / Perry Oh, / Generac.com



Generator One is NE Ohio’s Leading Generac Generator dealer serving Ashtabula to Canton to Lorain and everything in between. Our backup generator experts have a combined 70 years of experience installing and servicing generators for homes, commercial properties, and industrial businesses and is conveniently located just east of Cleveland Ohio in Mentor.

Our dedicated team is here 24/7 to assist with emergency service calls that are unparalleled in the industry. Were that company that answers the phone no matter when you call. If you’re looking for top quality generator service and desire fast support, look no further than Generator One LLC.

For a free, no-obligation quote to install or service your standby generator, please call: 440-942-8449

Request Service

If you already have a backup generator and are looking to have it serviced, look no further. One of our dedicated team members will provide a no-obligation quote to service your unit and we provide 24/7 assistance to all of our customers.

Get a Quote

Don’t be left in the dark! Contact Generator One today for a free quote for your backup generator needs. Our dedicated team has successfully installed over 5,000 generators over the years for NE Ohio homes, commercial businesses, and industrial complexes with amazing reviews around the web. So, rest assured, you’ll be in great hands.

Pay Bill

Unlike other generator installers and service providers, Generator One makes life easy for our clients to simply log in and pay their bills online from the comfort of their home or business. How easy is that?


Competitive Quote

Already have a backup generator quote from another company? Theirs no reason not to let Generator One give you second quote and we will provide you with a $100 discount off that comparable quote! By doing this you will get the same generator and have the best team install it and best of all, save money.  

*Client must provide a comparable quote for Generator One to evaluate in order to qualify.

10-Year Warranty / Free year of Mobile Link

Receive a free Generac factory 10-year extended warranty and free first year of Mobile Link WIFI monitoring with Fleet Management, with the purchase of a Generac standby generator with installation a $1,055.00 value! This is the best deal in the business! Act now since this is a limited time offer.

Switch and save.

Are you currently having another company service your generator? Now’s the time to switch, join the Generator One family and well let you try us out for $99 for a one year of maintenance. This deal includes a complete system test, oil, and filter.  By joining our family you will the receive the care second to none by our outstanding staff of factory trained and certified technicians. Call to day and we will happily get you on the schedule. Stop dealing with unresponsive maintenance company’s.

(Not valid on new installations)

The Next Generation Of Generators

2019 Guardian Series Air cooled generators available with Wi-Fi™ and Free Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring System, featuring Fleet Management. Fleet Management gives us the ability to monitor your generator for you.  Ask your dealer or retailer for details on the availability of the Wi-Fi™ and 4G LTE feature in your area.

Standby Generator Maintenance

Generator One offers several generator maintenance service plans and emergency service to homeowners and business owners alike. If you’re going to invest several thousand dollars to install a standby generator, doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment? Our generator maintenance programs offer not only best-in-class maintenance by certified technicians that will keep your Generac generator well-oiled and fine-tuned but will also provide you peace of mind during those pesky power outages.


Generator One offers several different levels of service plans for maximizing the life of your new Generac generator. Our service plans come in 2 and 3-year options and cover both air cooled and liquid cooled standby generators.


Our Bronze plans include standard oil and air filter changes. Savings of up to $150!


Our Silver plans include oil and air filter changes, spark plugs, and batteries as needed. Savings of up to $150!


Our Gold plans include air filter changes, spark plugs, batteries as needed, and parts for repairing your unit if available. Savings of up to $450!




combined estimated installations by members of our team
  • 27/7  Phones answered, never get a voicemail.
  • Install generators from 7.5KW all the way to 1000KW.
  • Offers FREE, NO OBLIGATION on-site and virtual visit. Years of experience in correctly sizing your new generator needs.
  • Offers WiFi and cellular monitors on all  backup systems.
  • Includes OEM heavy cranking amp battery.
  • Very professional presentation.



years experience installing and repairing generators
  • Works with HOA to get approval in developments or Condo.
  • Obtains electrical permits, plumbing permits on customers behalf by electricians and plumbers on staff.
  • Handle prepping site location.
  • Fully digital customer tracking system ensuring your never forgotten and that your kept in constant contact with our service personnel, get text when tech is on his way.
  • GPS guided service and installation vehicles, were on the job.
  • We only work on generator’s unlike other local dealers.

We have


customer satisfaction on GENERAC.COM
  • LOWES certified installers for north east Ohio.
  • Certified up to to 250 KW for sales and service of Generac Protector Plus industrial units.
  • Holds DOT certification, we are certified to install service meter upgrades.
  • We will size gas load for home or business and work with gas provider.
  • Use preformed concrete pad on all air-cooled and most liquid-cooled units.


Generator One’s Step-By-Step Backup Generator Buyers Guide

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In order to make your home the best that it can be, it’s important to have a power supply that’s both reliable and uninterrupted. But the truth of the matter is that power outages are [...]

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