Generac Generator Installation

With Generator One’s wide inventory of generators, many products can be installed within just a matter of days. Proper installation is critical to the performance of your new residential generator. Generator One will install your system correctly, test its performance, and explain its capabilities.

Generator One’s installation team is highly trained and adheres to all local,  state, and national electrical and plumbing codes when making both electrical and fuel connections for your generator. You can rest assured that the result will be a properly installed, safe, and reliable standby power system.

We also carry stock parts and maintenance kits to ensure that your installation goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Schedule an installation today by calling Generator One at 440-942-8449 or filling out the contact form HERE.

Our 9-Step process:

Site evaluation
Critical information is gathered to determine power requirements, load calculation showing actual load, location of generator, size of generator needed along with appropriate transfer switch. This is done with our detailed proses, we will give and explain everything that is involved with the installation of your new generator and we wont leave until you completely understand.

Quote process and diagram
A complete and thorough explanation of the equipment required for the power needs of the buyer is provided. We will then provide you with a detailed printout of the proposal and then again make sure their are no questions remaining.  Spec sheets and brochures are given along with our custom folder so you wont loose anything through the proses. REMEMBER this visit is for education purpose only we will not employ pressure to you to buy we give you time if needed to think over this purchase, we understand this can be a large expenditure. We look forward to meeting you.

Permitting (if necessary) and CenterPoint Approval
If the installation is in an area that requires permitting, a permit is applied for and granted prior to any work. Regardless, every installation requires a one-line diagram be submitted for approval to CenterPoint showing the installation diagram along with the specifications on the generator and the automatic transfer switch.

HOA approval (if necessary)
Many Home Owner’s Associations require approval prior to installing a standby generator. We will handle this completely on your behalf.

Install concrete pad
Concrete pads are preformed and carry a lifetime warranty for most all generators.

Electrical systems install and inspection
Incorrect electrical installation can result damage to the equipment not covered under warranty. There is a right way and wrong way to wire a standby generator system with transfer switch.  Passing inspection doesn’t always mean it is installed correctly. We painstakingly follow all national and local codes to ensure you get the best installation possible.

Plumbing install and inspection
As with installation, there is a right way and a wrong way to plumb a standby generator.  Even if a job passes inspection, that doesn’t mean it is plumbed correctly for a standby generator. Experience is the best guide to be certain of proper installation. From short black pipe installation’s to long underground gas lines we have the experience to get the job done right.

Gas provider services setup
Standby Generators fueled by natural as natural gas run best with elevated pressure.  This sometimes requires an upgraded meter from the natural gas provider. We will determine your gas needs on initial visit and provide documentation and direction to get this done with your gas provider, or sometimes do the gas upgrade ourselves. We are licensed to do this also. If propane is needed we will size your gas needs and assist you to coordinate with our propane supplier for tank size and installation.

Startup and tutorial
After completion of the install, we will immediately register your new generator and start up and test your new system, then will  lead you through a detailed tutorial covering operation of the equipment. We will also connect and register your new Mobile Link for cellular monitoring.


Get standby generator peace of mind now!

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