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Generator One is NE Ohio’s leading independent Generac dealer, which means that we’re your top destination for high quality commercial backup generators for your business, along with seamless installation and service. No matter where you’re located in Northern Ohio (or NW Pennsylvania), how large your space is, or what your priorities are, we’ll be able to find the perfect backup generator solution to meet your needs.

Available 24/7, Day or Night

That’s instant, 24/7 backup protection, and that pays huge dividends for any business.

You can rest easy knowing that your store or building has its security system powered at all times, and you can gain an edge on the competition, staying open and helping customers when others have their doors closed. For businesses with refrigerated goods, you can ensure they always stay fresh. Ultimately, with Generator One and a Generac commercial backup generator, you’ll improve your business and become a trusted provider in your community.

Over the course of 15+ years in business, we’ve established ourselves as the trusted go-to leader for Northeast Ohio when they need backup generators for businesses. We’ve completed well over 2,000 installations, and we handle all of the hassle and legwork, from site prep to permits to fuel supply.

Standby Generator Maintenance

Ranges from


to over 15,000 hours

It’s not uncommon for a standby generator to have a lifespan that ranges from 2,000 to over 15,000 hours.

Used as little as


hours each year

If you think about it, backup generators are typically used as little as 30 hours each year (based on typical 5-15 minute cycles each weak and assuming no outages during the year), but can be used as much as 100-300 hours per year depending on the number of outages.

Lifespan can last



Regardless, your backup generator should have a great lifespan that can last 20-30+ years!

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Don’t forget that we offer a no-obligation on-site generator assessment for your residential, commercial or industrial needs. Generator One currently serves Cleveland, Akron, and all of NE Ohio.