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From high-tech computers and data centers, to heavy duty machinery, and everything in between, we have the perfect industrial backup generators to match your needs, no matter how heavy duty they are, and no matter where you need that dependable power.

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At Your Generator Connection, we have industrial backup generators which can scale up to handle the unique challenges your facility presents, and we’ll ensure that you always get the perfect system. We’ll handle all of the logistics and legwork, as well as the installation and the service, so that you can be confident that your needs are always covered and protected with the right industrial backup generator to get the job done.
With 1,500 installations over 15 years, Your Generator Connection has the experience and knowhow you need to protect your industrial facility and your industrial-sized needs. We’re Ohio’s leading independent Generac dealer, and with factory-trained elite staff and service technicians, free estimates and site visits, and so much more, we’re the only name you’ll need.

There are several different classes of Generac industrial backup generators, including:

Gaseous Generac Generators

Custom configured and tailored, with heavy duty engines for industries of all types.

Diesel Generac Generators

Designed for robust industrial applications, proven performance with custom specifications.

Bi-Fuel Generac Generators

EPA-compliant, reliable and clean power, these systems are specifically engineered to integrate both fuel sources.

Modular Power Systems

Integrated approach to paralleling generators for a flexible, scalable and redundant system.

Gemini Generac Generators

More power into a smaller space, with the ability to continue adding more power in the future.

Standby Generator Maintenance

It's not uncommon for a standby generator to have a lifespan that ranges from 2000 to over 15,000 hours. If you think about it, backup generators are typically used as little as 30 hours each year (based on typical 5-15 minute cycles each weak and assuming no outages during the year), but can be used as much as 100-300 hours per year depending on the number of outages. Regardless, your standby generator should have a great lifespan that can last 20-30+ years! However, your generator is no different than the family car. It needs an annual inspection, regular oil changes (annually), battery replacement every 4-6 years, new air filter(s) every 2-5 years, sparkplugs every 2-3 years, etc. Newer units also require firmware updates, regular adjustments and load test regularly. Not maintaining your generator, you are definitely setting yourself up for potential problems. Call to day for offers, and let us Protect Your Power.

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