Looking for a company to purchase and have install your generator can be a complicated thing. You at times find yourself wondering what to look for when Getting a Generator Quote. Maybe an electrician, (it does make power and connect to my electrical system?) or should I call a plumber? (It is fueled by natural gas or propane?) Well we completely understand how difficult this can be.

Your Generator Connection is the ONLY Company in NE Ohio that only does generators! We specialize in the sales, installation and service of generators every day, meaning that we have the expert staff to make sure you get the BEST job possible. You are interested in a new generator and were sure you want the BEST Company for the job!

That’s why we’re here today, were here to address and most likely answer all your questions about purchasing and installing a generator in your home or business. Our personal consultations are meant to tailor fit a backup system to your needs. We understand most people will get 2-3 quotes on a project that cost as much as this, so were here to educate not to sell you a generator.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to get to know us and how we operate, our hope is that you will have the confidence to have us complete the project, and then keep that generator in perfect working condition for many years to come. We also want you to keep in mind that we will beat any comparable quote that you may receive by $100.00 giving you the control to make sure you are getting a fair price and you are still able to use Your Generator Connection to get your new generator installed. I’ve compiled few things to look for when getting those 2-3 quotes either before or after we’ve been here to meet with you. And thank you for the opportunity.

Columbia Station 22KW

What to look for when Getting a Generator Quote.

  • Does the sales person have experience in the field?
  • Do they regularly install, service, and warranty generators?
  • How long have they been installing generators?
  • Are they properly licensed for the job to be done?
  • Have they installed any generators close to you?
  • Are they willing to give you referrals?
  • Have you researched them on Angies list, BBB or Generac.com?
  • Do they offer support after the sale?
  • Have they explained all equipment needed in the installation?
  • Have they explained upgrading your gas supply?
  • Do they understand what they’re selling?
  • Are they including all the equipment needed for Ohio weather?
  • Do they require a large deposit?
  • Do they offer different options for payment?
  • Have they offered you cellular monitoring?