Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Backup Generators For Home Use

The weather in Northeast Ohio is unpredictable at the best of times and downright terrible at the worst. During the summertime, the threat of storms makes blackouts a frequent reality. In the bitterly cold winters, losing power is a severe health risk for you and your family. Stop relying on the power grid and get a Generac standby generator to help you out in times of need.

Who Needs a Standby Generator?

Pretty much everyone in Cleveland, Ohio (new tab, no-follow), and the surrounding area needs a standby generator. Frequent storms, extreme temperatures and an unpredictable grid all contribute to making the power supply in the local area volatile.

Blackouts are inconvenient in all sorts of ways, which Generac standby generators mitigate entirely. They kick in within around 30 seconds of sensing a power outage and automatically get your home’s electricity up and running.

If you own a business or work from home, rely on electricity for HVAC or simply don’t want to lose several hours to a power outage, get a Generac standby generator.

How Does a Generac Generator Work?

Standby generators are permanently attached to the mains in an area outside the home. They’re either powered by natural gas or propane, depending on your preference and the local cost of energy. Even if no one is home, an emergency generator starts up and runs as many appliances as it can.

The number and size of appliances your Generac generator can power depends on the size of the home backup power supply you choose. We’ll discuss how to determine which size standby generator is best suited to your needs later in this article.

Automatic Standby Generator Installation Cleveland, Ohio

Whether there’s a storm, extreme temperatures or problems with the grid, getting an automatic backup generator installed removes the risks associated with blackouts. There’s no need to fumble in the dark, trying to switch on your generator — it turns on after automatically sensing the power outage.

If you’re worried about the upfront cost of a backup generator, think about the long term. Northeast Ohio is prone to blackouts. Regular power outages cost you money in lost income and expensive stand-alone generators.

What Size Generac Emergency Generator Should I Get?

Most homes need to power the following home appliances in case of a blackout:

  • TV and electronic devices
  • Chargers and phones
  • Computers and phone lines for working
  • Well water pump
  • Sump pump
  • Home security
  • HVAC units
  • Lights
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen appliances

A small Generac generator won’t be enough to power your whole house in case of a blackout. However, 13-24 kW air cooled generators can be just the right size to power the essential appliances in most homes.

How to Prepare Your Home in NE Ohio For an Emergency Generator

Once you’ve chosen the right size for your property and needs, you’ll need to get your home ready for installation and select the perfect generator.

Choose the Best Automatic Standby Generator

Generac makes the best automatic standby generators by a long shot. All of its products are durable, reliable and energy efficient. Ask one of our experts for their opinion on which model is best suited to your circumstances to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Generac standby generator.

Decide Where to Put the Home Backup Power

Most generators need space outdoors that’s clear of shrubs and a safe distance away from openings in your home. Installation experts take consideration of local and national codes and zoning rules. Once installed, the backup power supply for your home gets constantly monitored, utilizing Mobile Link Cellular or WIFI monitors built into your generator for 24/7 piece of mind. With yearly checkups by a pro you will have uninterrupted power supporting your busy life.

Ask the Generac Generator Technician If You’d Benefit From a Transfer Switch

When there’s a blackout, your backup generator starts without any prompt from you. This means it’ll work whether you’re at home or on vacation. You can use a power management system or transfer switch to decide which circuits in the house to direct the power to. Ask the technician who installs your Generac generator if your home needs one.

Does a Home Backup Power Supply Add Value to Your NE Ohio Property?

When you’re not home, an automatic generator activates your security system. Without it, if there’s a blackout and you’re away, your entire security system could go down. Prospective buyers see a backup generator as a desirable feature. You won’t necessarily be able to make the full ROI, but it’s a great selling point for a real estate agent.

Get a Generac Standby Generator Today

If you’re ready to protect your home and your family’s well-being by ensuring you never suffer as a result of a blackout again, call Generator One at 440-942-8449.