With the changing weather patterns we are seeing these days, backup power can be on the top of your list for home improvements. Now you face the issue of how to find the proper generator for your particular needs. Ok, so now is when the fun part begins. I really find it amazing how many folks run around calling themselves generator installers.

The proper sizing and installation of a home or commercial generator demands a working knowledge of how a generator reacts to certain loads, from refrigeration, resistance appliances, (stoves and dryers etc.). To motors in your home, or how many square foot your house is or how large your main service is. When sizing a standby generator you need to take into account many determining factors, some of these factors are.

  • How many people live in the home?
  • Are your outages mostly in the summer or winter?
  • Do you have medical needs that require power?
  • Do all of your appliances need to operate at the same time?
  • A person’s lifestyle needs to be addressed when sizing a generator.
  • Outdoor living can make a large difference. (Pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, etc.)
  • What items need power in your garage? (refrigerator, compressor, door openers)
  • Getting water out of your house with a sump pump.
  • Getting water into your house with a well.
  • Do you have an electric car?
  • You always need to include any future appliance’s you are planning on adding to your home.
  • Working from home can also be something to consider. Ok, so you determined what you feel is most important for your particular needs when the power is out, now you need to determine location of the generator. This is extremely important for your safety and enjoyment during outages.
  • When figuring out the best location there are a few very important items you should consider.
  • You MUST maintain a 5’ distance from an open able window!
  • You MUST maintain an 18”distance from a structure!
  • Keep plantings at least 3’ from generator, as to not restrict air flow.
  • Always keep front of generator clear for regular maintenance.
  • The exhaust comes out the left end of the generator, so the direction it is pointed will impact the direction the noise travels, directly affecting how the generator will sound when running.
  • The air intake is at the right end of the generator, heavy buildup of snow can adversely affect the generator in winter months so this will also affect determining location.
  • How close you are to electric supply and gas supply will typically affect cost not quality of installation.
  • Last thing is appearance, you will be looking at your new generator for years to come. Now is the time to look at how to locate your new generator, so it will be aesthetically pleasing for years to come. This will also go a long way in keeping your possibly not on board partner from giving you grief in the future.

Now this article is all about making it easy. That’s where we come in. All of our team members here at Your Generator Connection LLC. Have been extensively trained in sizing, installation and repair of your new generator! We will review these determining factors and tailor a system to YOUR needs, at YOUR home. There is no fool proof program that will make all the decisions as to all the different variables in each specific home or circumstance that we see, but our trained staff will. After installing and servicing generators for 22 years I will step you through all these different items so you will get the best generator for your needs.

When installing your new generator, we will also need permits, in most cases from your local municipality. We will also step you through possibly upgrading your natural gas line, this is very important because your adding a new gas appliance to your home. (We will explain thoroughly on site)


Once we’ve sized and located your new generator, we will give you a detailed proposal so there is no question as to what’s included. We will walk you through this proposal explaining in detail, so you have a good understanding of all the items and their function. We want you to remember, we are here to educate you on your new generator not pressure you into buying. So rest assured this will be a very relaxed dissection that you will be in charge of.


When you’ve made your decision to move forward with the installation of your new generator, it gets even easier, with a small deposit and simply signing your proposal, we will immediately apply for permits. We have a large inventory so there will be no waiting on equipment in most cases, it’s in stock.


Now comes the day of installation….. Oh boy, the day you finally get the generator you have been anticipating for some time. Rest assured this will be the easiest day of the process.

You can expect the installation crew to arrive around 8:30am (depend on your distance from our branch) they will work diligently and neatly until the project is finished, keeping you informed through the whole job. Any time their work will affect your day, they will check to make sure its ok FIRST, never leaving you confused or nervous. When the installation is finished, your new generator will be completely explained, shown and demonstrated to you the functions and sounds, until you are completely comfortable with how your new generator works.


Now is when we shine! You now have the freedom afforded to you by having your own power plant! How exciting!

But it does not end here. After spending the money on your new generator, you want to be sure to protect it with annual service. Having one of our factory trained service technicians out to your home regularly you can be assured of reliable service out of your new generator.


But what if you do have a problem with your new generator?

No worries, our phones are answered 24/7, and we can respond to your needs day or night, we inventory thousands’ of dollars in parts, so that you’ll never have to sit in the dark ever again!

We hope that this has given you food for thought, and hope we can help you achieve your dreams of generator ownership. Thank you for your time.




Rusty Boyer