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Service Contract Form - GOLD
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$825/yr (Save $200)

Customer agrees to $1,125.00 for two years of service. You pay $825.00 first year, $300.00 second year.

$712.50/yr (Save $450)

Customer agrees to $1,425.00 for three years of service. You pay $712.50 first year, $712.50 second year, third year $0.00.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The term of this Agreement shall be the full term of agreement, and will auto renew from year to year thereafter, unless either party requests written termination of the Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to any expiration or expiration renewal date. Any price increases due to rising material costs will be passed on to customers.
  • Customers shall maintain a visual inspection to ensure the unit is functional between services. These practices should include, but not be limited to, observing fluid leaks from the unit, preventing debris and landscape material accumulation in and around the unit, unit exercises as programmed, and any warning lights or sound indicators signaling an issue.
  • Maintenance visits will be performed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Generator One has an automated system to notify customers of due dates of yearly service via email, text message and automated phone call. Customer is then responsible for scheduling appointments and is not required to be present during the service. If a customer fails to call and schedule within two weeks of service due date, Generator One reserves the right to schedule an appointment and Generator One will notify the customer of the appointment date.
  • Equipment or parts outside of oil and filter (i.e. battery, plugs, air filter—annual replacement not needed) in need of replacement or repair will be done at technicians discretion. Note: Oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, etc. are included in the Silver service plan. If work is done by another contractor, this agreement is deemed null and void.
  • Emergency service only during an outage and generator or transfer switch is inoperable.
  • Agreement is transferable to new homeowners upon sale of property. Customers must notify Generator One, LLC. In writing and accompanied with a copy of the maintenance service agreement.
  • Please note: In the event of extended generator usage, the manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed regarding oil changes and service.
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