Losing electrical power has a huge impact on homeowners and job sites. Northeast Ohio is known to have harsh winters and hot summers, which is why you need backup power in case something goes wrong. Renting a generator is much more affordable than purchasing a generator, and you’d have access to expert and quality repair and generator service whenever you need it.

Why You Need Emergency Power 

Northeast Ohio is known for its rough winters and hot summers. When the power goes out, it could be more than a minor inconvenience. In the summertime, your home or business could become insufferable due to the heat, and your food could go bad if the power doesn’t come back quickly enough. Frigid winters often mean burst pipes, and you’re at much greater risk when your furnace isn’t working during a power outage.  

Residential and Commercial Generators 

There are several options you can use when it comes to emergency power. Portable generators offer essential power when you need it, but they usually run on gasoline, need to be started manually and can’t power an entire home. Other options kick in automatically so your home or business continues to have power even if you’re not there when you lose electricity.  

A whole house generator or standby generator can keep your HVAC system running smoothly for weeks without power, ensuring you’re able to remain comfortable in your home and avoid costly repairs no matter when the outage occurs. We have options that suit numerous power needs so you can save money by renting a generator that provides just a little more power than you anticipate you’ll use.  

Industrial Generators 

An industrial generator can keep your business operating during inclement weather and power outages that are caused by natural disasters or emergencies. We can evaluate your power needs so you can keep your industrial equipment running efficiently even though you don’t have access to the power grid. 

Save Money by Renting Your Whole House Generator 

Purchasing or financing a backup generator can be prohibitively expensive. This is why we allow you to rent a generator system instead of owning it. We can ensure you’re able to meet all your electrical needs by installing your generator and providing free service when it’s time to perform maintenance or repairs.  

Contact us today to learn more about our services throughout the Hunting Valley, Ohio, area. We’re a full-service electrical contractor serving all of Northeast Ohio, and we provide unmatched customer service and top notch generator maintenance. Ask our sales and parts staff about our Generac generators.