Losing power shouldn’t keep you from doing your job or protecting your home. Installing a backup generator ensures you have access to heating and electric services during the extreme heat of summer or the cold Ohio winters. When you compare quotes, you might notice that it’s pretty expensive to purchase a generator, but our rental option is an affordable way to access our quality generators.

Why You Need Backup Power During a Power Outage 

There are many events that may cause power failure, including inclement weather and natural disasters. When you don’t have access to power, it can affect your home or business by shutting off appliances, HVAC systems and garage doors. Ohio is prone to extreme cold during the winter, and this increases the chance you’ll lose power. 

Having a backup generator can protect your house or business when a power outage occurs during freezing weather conditions by preventing burst pipes. Having access to electric power and heating during bad weather also provides home comfort and peace of mind.  

Protecting Your Home and Business From Power Outages 

Our generator technicians can evaluate your personal or professional needs to determine which type of generator is best for you. We offer portable generator and standby generator options that can deliver essential power during an emergency or completely power a home or company during a power outage. Installing your generator takes only a few hours.  

Whole House Generator Installation

Have your whole house generator installed by licensed technicians. We offer superior service and help customers install generators that can run for as long as needed using natural gas, propane and other fuel sources. Our customers enjoy knowing that bad weather or an emergency won’t interfere with their lives, and we help them save money with financing and rental options so the expense of a whole house generator won’t stop their home project.  

Commercial Generator Service 

We serve businesses throughout Northeast Ohio so they can keep their doors open during a storm or random power outage. When you rent one of our commercial generators, you get quality, customer service and assistance with annual maintenance so your generator never fails you when you need it most. Check out our verified reviews to learn more about our reliable sales and service staff. 

Service and Maintenance 

Signing up for a service plan means our relationship doesn’t end after a completed installation. Our generator services include routine maintenance. We offer this service whether you’re a residential customer or a business owner.  

Rent or Finance an Automatic Standby Generator 

Financing or purchasing a generator can be an expensive undertaking. When you allow us to maintain ownership of your unit, all you need to do is pay a monthly fee and everything’s covered. We don’t require a down payment, and our generator installers are licensed and experienced. Our Hudson location serves Summit County, and we’re able to service all of Northeast Ohio, including Lorain County, Cuyahoga County and Ashtabula County. Generator One is the top rated backup generator experts, so contact us today to learn more.