Generator One is Northeast Ohio’s premier independent dealer of Generac backup generators to help protect the things you care about most. Providing affordable and professional installation and servicing to our Highland Heights, OH, customers is how we can give back to the community and promote safety in even the harshest weather Ohio is known for.

As more residents move into the area, existing power grids can also be a source of lost power due to too much strain on the system. The combination of inclement weather and overloaded grids leads to frequent power loss throughout Ohio. To keep outages from interrupting the daily routine of your home or business, Generator One turns to Generac generator systems for an affordable and dependable solution in Highland Heights, OH.

Generac Products Tailored to Your Needs

From single units for your home to backup systems able to power an industrial operation, Generator One works directly with you to determine the amount of power required to keep the lights on and continue business as usual. Generac generators can be made to turn on automatically in the event of a power outage to keep you, your loved ones and your business protected at all times.

With over 15 years of experience, Generator One has accessible solutions that can work around your budget or your preference of fuel type. Natural gas, diesel and biofuel generators are all available and can be scaled to any Highland Heights project or home.

Trusted Generator Installation and Servicing in Northeast Ohio

Working with Generator One gives you access to the entire lineup of Generac backup power generators. Known for their long service life and minimal required maintenance, Generac generators also have remote system monitoring to regularly check the status of your system. Knowing you’re protected offers peace of mind in uncertain times, allowing you to focus on other tasks that require your attention.

Discreet installation of backup generators in Highland Heights, OH, can keep your grounds looking seamless while still providing vital emergency power. Generac generators typically last over 20 years and can provide thousands of hours of energy with routine maintenance.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

When severe weather strikes, people without a backup power plan in place will all be trying to secure a generator or generator system. Taking the initiative to prepare your home or place of business now can save you from waiting days or weeks when demand spikes during an outage.

Let our team of seasoned experts at Generator One help you create the ideal installation and maintenance plan with a no-obligation quote. Proper backup generator systems in Highland Heights, OH, are among the smartest investments you can make for any property. Contact us today to learn more or get started with a free quote.