Due to many factors, like increased demands on power grids and extreme weather events, Ohio is contending with power outage issues at unprecedented rates, and it’s already one of America’s top five states for the frequency of power outages. Generac’s automatic standby generators are a popular and effective solution for businesses and homeowners in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The team at Generator One has the expertise to install, repair and maintain units at almost any location, whether you need a single generator for the home or a generator system for an office or industrial site.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Generator Systems

As Ohio’s leading independent dealer for Generac automatic standby generator products, Generator One is here to support your family with a home generator that provides sizing and power output ideal for your needs at an affordable overall cost. Residential generators come with a variety of coverage options and are easy to operate, with an automatic transfer switch activating some units immediately when the power cuts.

Be there for every customer through a power outage, keeping your business open and your company on schedule with our commercial and industrial generator service and customized products. Generac generators are an industry leader for quality and reliability, compensating automatically for power loss and offering backup protection 24/7. Generator One has extensive experience in custom installation for a wide variety of industrial facilities. Our team has installed over 2,000 units over more than 15 years, and we can provide and maintain power solutions for fuel types that include diesel, natural gas and EPA-compliant biofuels.

Expert Generac Generator Installation

Not all generators and brands are created equal. The full line of Generac power generators is renowned in the generator industry for its feature-rich and dependable nature, including cutting-edge air-cooled units and remote monitoring technology. The efficient licensed professionals at Generator One are always happy to offer a no-obligation quote. Installation, testing and explaining your new generator is a fast and hassle-free process, and we’ll find the optimal location for your generator at the right distance from doors, windows and fresh air intakes.

Maintenance and Emergency Service

Reliable backup power in the long term is about having regular service for your equipment. Generators can last from hundreds to thousands of hours depending on the amount of usage they see each year. Most Generac generators should last from 20 to 30 years, but like anything with an engine, they need periodic tune-ups and preventative maintenance to function at peak efficiency.

Generator One is a reliable service provider, offering 24/7 emergency generator services and repairs and highly competitive annual maintenance plans at prices as low as $165 per year. Our exclusive COP (Customer Outage Protection) service is a no-charge phone service for yearly plan customers — call us if you’re away during an outage and we’ll check the generator at your home or business.

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Contact the experts at Generator One for a free quote and let us help you find residential, commercial, industrial or portable generator solutions to keep the lights on during any power outage. You can rely on our decades of expertise and our dedication to providing the best in customer service.