Automatic Standby Generators in Chardon, OH

It’s simply a fact of life in the state of Ohio that at various times of the year, your home or business may have to contend with power outages.  Common severe weather events place the state in the top five for the frequency of power cuts, so it pays to be prepared with more than just a call to the power company. That’s why automatic standby generators from Generac are popular with home and business owners in communities like Chardon, Ohio.

During a prolonged outage, it’s important to have a way to continue running your home’s environmental systems and keep your major appliances going. Staying in touch and up to date on developing conditions makes it just as crucial to have a way to keep your mobile devices charged, and if your property employs a sump pump, having it go down can lead to basement flooding and serious expenses.  

The costs of an outage can mount even more quickly for small businesses. Convenience stores and restaurants rely on refrigeration to keep large stores of food and supplies safe for consumption, while health clinics need to preserve stores of vaccines and medicines. Businesses in any sector rely on computer systems to protect essential data, and long-term care facilities depend on critical medical equipment and environmental systems.

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses, for their part, rely on power to keep essential equipment running and stay current with demanding production and shipping schedules. Industrial enterprises place a higher demand on power systems than any other type of user and can afford even less to find themselves without any recourse during an outage longer than an hour or two. 

With a Generac standby generator, you have seamless, automatic coverage when the power goes out and the ability to monitor the system remotely by cellular or Wi-Fi connection from anywhere in the world. Generac units are unobtrusive, generate no more noise than a standard HVAC system and are protected from the elements to ensure reliable operation year-round.

If you’re in Chardon, Ohio, contact the team of experts at Generator One today to protect your home or business’s power.

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