Backup Generators in Brecksville, Ohio

It’s a basic fact of American life that unexpected power outages can throw a wrench into your plans during any season. In few places is this truer than Ohio, which thanks to severe weather events — especially winter storms — is among the top five states for frequency of power cuts. That makes it crucial to be ready to protect your power.

If the lights should go out in Brecksville, for example, a backup power solution is key to averting multiple problems that can follow:

  • Failure of major appliances (and potential spoiling of food and supplies)
  • Lack of heating or air conditioning. leaving your family exposed to extremes of hot or cold weather
  • Shutting down of electrical medical equipment, leaving at-risk people without potentially life-sustaining technology 
  • Loss of charge to mobile devices
  • Abrupt shutdown of laptop and desktop computers (with potential file corruption or even hardware damage)
  • Failure of internet access, potentially cutting off access to daily necessities of work or finances
  • Breakdown of sump pumps that can lead to expensive flooding

The total cost of these accumulated troubles is sure to escalate the longer a power cut lasts.

These problems are every bit as serious for businesses of any size, from the retail outlet or restaurant that relies on refrigeration to operate and medical centers storing perishable stocks of vaccines to manufacturing facilities working on demanding production schedules. It isn’t a question of whether you can afford to have backup power as much as whether you can afford not to.

Fortunately, there’s a reliable solution: a standby Generac generator.

Generac backup generators have been an industry byword for decades. They kick in automatically and preserve your power supply without interruption. Customized builds can serve any residential, commercial or industrial need, and they even provide cell-based remote monitoring. A backup Generac generator installed by expert licensed technicians provides peace of mind, no matter where you are when the power grid stutters.

If you’re in Brecksville, Ohio, contact Generator One today and discover how our dedicated and experienced staff can protect the power your home or business relies on.

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