Backup Generators Beachwood, OH

Power outages are a reality of life in Ohio. In fact, heavy snowfalls and other weather events put the state in America’s top five for frequency of outages. That makes it all the more important to be prepared.

If your power goes down in Beachwood and your only recourse is calling your electric company and waiting for them to fix the problem, you could face some costly problems before the lights come back on. The contents of fridges and freezes start to warm or thaw (and potentially spoil), phones and tablets run out of power, and important hardware like sump pumps can stop working, leading to basement floods — all of which can happen faster than you might think.

If you’re running a business in Beachwood, outages mean lost time and lost money. For restaurants and convenience stores that have to worry about food spoilage, the damage can be even worse. Just a few hours can impose serious costs, especially because insurance for power outages often doesn’t cover otherwise brief but widespread outages whose cause didn’t occur on your property.

Being without power is never any fun, but more importantly, being without it in the dead of winter or the heat of summer can be a genuine issue for your home or commercial property’s safety and the value of the property. That’s truer the longer the outage lasts. The good news is that there’s a reliable way to protect your power. Backup generators are the solution that can keep you up and running in almost any adverse situation.

Generac standby generators keep your power operating seamlessly. Available in builds to serve residential, commercial, and industrial needs alike, Generac products are designed to give you complete peace of mind. With these backup units installed by expert licensed technicians, you know your power will keep going strong no matter the weather, and you’ll even have remote monitoring tools to keep track of your generator’s performance from almost anywhere.

If you’re in Beachwood, Ohio, contact Generator One today and find out how we can help protect your power at your home or business.

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