Free Consultation & Quote One of the main items you should consider when evaluating a potential generator company is to first make sure the company you’re considering is going to offer a free assessment and consultation.

Any generator sales and installation company that’s worth potentially hiring should always offer a free assessment in the early stages of getting you a generator for your home, commercial property, or industrial complex. Companies willing to sell you a generator without first assessing your specific needs and doing so at no cost to you should definitely be avoided.

Only Installs Top Quality Generators We know there are tons of different types of generators for sale out there in the world, but how can you pick the right manufacturer?

Here at Generator One, we’ve always been a fan of Generac generators and only sell, install, and maintain Generac’s for our clients with the occasional installation of products such as Honeywell which is a private labeled Generac anyway. The reason we chose Generac vs. other manufacturers is simple. First, Generac has been around for decades and is one of the only major generator manufacturers that truly back their product with a three-year guarantee which based on our experience is seldom needed due to the exceptional quality of their products.

Acquires Appropriate Permits If you live in rural America and don’t have a ton of bureaucracy for making changes to your home or the location of your business, you may be able to install a generator without a ton of red tape. However, chances are you’re in an area that requires getting permits for installing a new backup generator.

Not all areas are created equal in terms of permits needed to install a generator for your home or business but don’t worry. If you hire a reputable generator company like Generator One, they will take the time to get the necessary permits for the installation.

Offers a Guarantee/Warranty & Ongoing Maintenance Backup generator manufacturers or companies that don’t offer guarantees/warranties for their products should at all times be avoided.

Generac generators, as covered above, has the best warranty for their products and provide amazing customer service vs. their competition. Again, this is one of many reasons Generator One are a Generac-only dealer and installer.

When you have a generator installed, always make sure the company you bought it from can also provide ongoing maintenance as a part of their ongoing support for you post sale and installation. Nothing is worse than having a generator fail when the power goes out simply because it wasn’t properly maintained.

One Stop Shop Sure, you can buy a generator online or at a local store, but what about the installation? What about permits for installation? Ongoing maintenance?

As covered above, if you’re purchasing a backup generator for your home or place of business, it’s always a good idea to shop with a company that offers a full suite of services as follows:

  1. Assessing your KW rating needs for your home, commercial, or industrial backup generator
  2. Providing a free quote for sales and installation of a new standby generator
  3. Getting all of the appropriate permits from local governments, HOA’s, etc.
  4. Installation of your new generator
  5. Product backed up by a multi-year warranty
  6. Ongoing maintenance of your new generator to ensure it lasts for 10-15+ years

Generator One is NE Ohio’s #1 Generac generator dealer headquartered just east of Cleveland in Mentor Ohio. We currently serve all of NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania including Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Erie, Northern Pittsburgh, and everything in between.

For a free consultation and assessment, please call 440-942-8449