Backup generators protect your home whenever a storm, increased power demand or other emergency conditions leave your home unpowered. While many people consider standby generators for specific weather conditions or seasonal risks, they offer protection throughout the entire year. This guide reviews the year-round benefits of a standby generator.  

Benefits of a Standby Generator for Each Season 

Each season brings unique challenges to the power grid. Utility companies enact measures to protect customers but can’t always keep the power going during emergencies or restore it quickly. Maintaining power to your whole house throughout the year can protect your family. Here are the challenges you may face during each season.  


As snow and ice begin to thaw when the weather warms, many people need to prepare for annual spring flooding. One of the ways to keep your home dry is to have a sump pump system in your basement. When the power fails, so do sump pumps, and a prolonged power outage can put your home at risk of major water damage. 

Spring is when you may begin to need your air conditioning system. Without power, you can’t run your air conditioner or essential appliances like your refrigerator. Replacing spoiled food can be expensive, especially if you’ve filled up your freezer with meats. 


Many power outages occur during the summer storm season. Downed power lines, excessive heat waves and increased power demand can put extra pressure on utility companies. Backup generators can use a natural gas backup fuel source to keep your whole house powered through these severe conditions.  

An extended power outage in the summer can make it uncomfortable inside your home until the power returns. When your HVAC system can’t cool your home and circulate air, younger and older family members may be at risk of heat stroke. Whole house generators also protect your home and food supplies from the elements throughout the summertime.  


Autumn can bring unique power challenges to your home. Depending on where you live, you may be at increased risk for disastrous weather. Hurricane season begins in the fall and ends in early winter, so it’s important to plan ahead for any potential power outages.  

Animals begin to look for shelter during the fall and may burrow through power lines when making their winter nests. Some extended power outages may be due to utility companies needing to locate and replace equipment animals have destroyed.  


Your home’s electrical system is at risk during the winter if you live in an area with really low temperatures. A whole house generator can protect you from frozen pipes, overflowing sump pumps and dangerous interior temperatures. Standby generators restore power seamlessly and activate automatically so you won’t return home during a power outage to discover your pipes are frozen and other essential appliances aren’t working.  

Year-Round Power Outage Protection 

There are some benefits of a backup generator you can enjoy throughout the entire year: 

  • Home security systems are able to continue operating seamlessly through a power outage.
  • You can continue to power medical equipment at home without fear of what might happen when you lose power.
  • You won’t need to worry about a power outage taking your water heater offline. 
  • You can continue using telephone chargers during an emergency or natural disaster until the power comes back on.

Whole House Generators vs. Portable Units 

When deciding how to protect yourself from a power outage, you can choose a portable generator or a whole house generator.  

How a Portable Generator Works 

Portable units require gasoline to run and may not supply enough power to run your entire home. They maintain power in emergency situations, but you may need to run extension cords through your home to use the appliances you need. Portable generators don’t produce enough power to completely protect your home from frozen pipes, flooding and other potential safety hazards.  

How Whole House Systems Work 

Whole house systems are permanently installed and use a backup fuel source to power your entire house during an emergency. You don’t need to worry about starting the generator because it automatically detects power loss and supplies your home for an extended period. Your security system, air conditioning and furnace all continue to run as they would if you didn’t experience a power outage. This is why whole house systems are considered safer and more reliable.  

Making Backup Power Affordable 

Whole house systems can be expensive, and it’s important to purchase a generator that’s capable of meeting your energy needs. Generator One makes it easy to protect yourself by offering free installation and ongoing maintenance when you enroll in a service plan. Everything’s included in your monthly payment, and you know you can depend on us whenever you need emergency maintenance or repairs.  

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