Keep your home or business functional during power outages with Generator One. Whether you want a whole house generator, a standby generator for your restaurant or retail shop or a backup generator for factories or warehouses in Fairlawn, we offer high-quality Generac generators suitable for residential and commercial needs alike. Locally owned and focused on providing service to the Northeast Ohio area, our company does it all, from new unit installation and natural gas connectivity to generator repair and generator maintenance. Fill out our contact form to get a free quote or questions answered, or call 440-942-8449 to request service.

Whole House Standby Generator Systems for Homes

Feel confident and preserve home comfort when inclement weather conditions occur when you have Generac power systems from Generator One installed. Generac generators assist in protecting your home and family when a power outage occurs, with options for essential circuit coverage that keeps key lights on and managed or complete whole house generator coverage that maintains your heating/cooling system. No matter the size you choose, Generator One’s services help keep everything functional and ready to use by providing regular generator maintenance to your Northeast Ohio home. When you properly maintain a backup generator, it can last from 20 to 30 years, making generator installation a long-term investment in your home.

Backup Power for Commercial Businesses in Fairlawn

Protect business assets like frozen foods and temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals with standby generators from Generator One. Electricity matters when you run a commercial business and your customer base relies on you, and extreme conditions require maintaining heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Likewise, a power outage may also take down your security system and leave your northeast Ohio business vulnerable to prowlers and thieves. Fortunately, Generator One offers generator installation options ideal for any size business, handling every step of the process such as permits and site preparation.

Industrial Backup Generator Service and Sales in Ohio

Ensure industrial equipment keeps running in service areas around Fairlawn, North Ridgeville and beyond by calling Generator One. More than just a way to keep your air conditioner or heating unit operational should power outages occur, a Generac generator that scales to suit your particular industry helps you protect your facility from heating/cooling issues and save dollars. Our factory-trained staff have lots of experience installing generators for commercial clients, and they also provide emergency service should customers require electrician assistance with generator repair.

Reasons for Preventing Power Outages With Generator One

If you live in an area in northeast Ohio that has frequent power outages, a generator from Generator One makes sense and may help you save money, especially if you work from home or need specific equipment operational 24/7. If you store large amounts of food or chemicals for your business, a backup generator can ensure potentially expensive product is left unchanged during extreme events that leave your facility too hot or cold.

Our efficient solutions deliver extra peace of mind that security systems stay operational when you’re away from home or your business, and our factory-trained staff handle all the little details, like maintaining your fuel supply and providing emergency services should you need generator repair from a professional.

Contact Generator One when you need professional generator installation for your home, business or commercial facility. An authorized dealer of Generac generators, we offer our customers reliability, speedy service call responses and three service plan options for our whole house generator installations. Request service today or get a free quote by calling 440-942-8449.