Some backup generators let you install a remote monitoring system to make it easier to operate your generator when you’re not around. If you connect your Generac generator to its monitoring system, you receive an extended warranty if you download and install the software within 3 months of generator installation. This guide reviews the benefits of using a remote monitoring system if you have a backup generator. 

What Is a Facilities Management Program? 

One of the key benefits of having a standby generator is that it automatically detects a power outage and turns on when it’s needed. Generac power systems can be equipped with Mobile Link, which lets you check on your generator and make decisions about your power usage when you’re not at home. Home backup generators also require routine inspections and maintenance so they’re dependable during power outages. A management program keeps you informed of any concerns so your equipment is in top shape.  

Benefits of a Mobile Generator Controller 

A mobile generator controller such as Mobile Link lets you operate your generator from any device with an internet connection. Home standby generators simply require a Wi-Fi network connection for you to monitor their status, schedule maintenance and control your power. Generac’s Mobile Link service offers the following benefits. 

Remote Monitoring 

Remote monitoring lets you access your standby generator from a cellular phone, tablet or computer. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software, you can check the status of your generator from anywhere in the world. This feature is also useful if you’re operating industrial generators because you can check the status of your generators at each facility you own.  

Emergency Alerts 

You can stay informed and connected during a power outage with emergency alerts. If your home or commercial property experiences a power loss, you can receive automatic alarms through your phone and check the operation of your generator from your current location. This lets you monitor the status of your home or business even if you can’t return to check on things in person.

Generator Status Updates 

Keeping your generator in top shape is important. Regular status updates ensure the reliability of your equipment by notifying you when you need to schedule maintenance or inspect your unit. A generator monitoring system lets you schedule maintenance from your phone or computer on the go, so you don’t need to worry about your generator breaking down. 

Routine Testing 

The routine testing feature of your generator monitoring system confirms that your generator is still reliable by testing its current capabilities on demand. You can schedule tests at routine intervals or demand an immediate status update. 


Generac’s Mobile Link is compatible with Alexa, so you can use voice commands to check the status of your generator, schedule service or test your system. You can also access your display screen and view important data about your residential or commercial generator from your mobile device.  

24/7 Maintenance 

Your Mobile Link program gives you the ability to schedule emergency service whenever you need it. You can submit a service request through the app on your mobile device and know that someone will be at your home or business when you need them. 

How to Use Mobile Link 

To use Mobile Link, your generator needs to be connected to your network. Once you download the Mobile Link app to your phone, it will guide you through the process of connecting your generator to Wi-Fi so you can control it through your mobile devices. Generac provides video tutorials you can watch if you need help during the process.  

Once you connect your generator to Mobile Link, you can access the following information: 

  • Your generator’s runtime 
  • Your current fuel level 
  • Whether your generator is in use 

You can also use the settings to adjust when your generator exercises and whether your service company has access to your generator’s information. If you grant us access to this information, it lets us perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs whenever you need it. 

Peace of Mind Service Subscriptions 

With our service subscription, all your routine maintenance and repairs are covered. When you let us monitor your system remotely, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll perform repairs and maintenance whenever we receive an alert. For a small monthly fee, we cover the cost of labor and parts to keep your generator in top condition. 

Generator One Is a Leading Backup Generator Installation and Maintenance Company

Whether you’re looking for a new backup generator or need a remote monitoring solution that saves you money, Generator One can help. We have decades of experience in Generac generator sales and maintenance, so you can trust us with your backup power needs. Contact us today to speak to a team member or get a free quote.